Appearance of Poodle dog

Appearance of Poodle dog

Poodle dogs are medium sized, not too big or too small compared to other dogs. Poodle has a body length nearly the height from the shoulder blade.

The most prominent feature of the Poodle is the curly coat and ruffled coat, covering the whole body from head to toe. Poodle dog coat colors are very diverse such as yellow apricot, milk brown, chocolate, coffee, snow white, …

Poodle’s fur is also quite special when they have the mechanism to grow like human hair. That is, the longer it grows, the longer it grows. Pruning then growing again. While the fur of other dog breeds only grows to a certain extent then stops and loses. Also, the coat of the Poodle does not shed and changes seasonally like other dogs.

Poodle dog ears are big, long and flat. The ears are curly, long. Poodle dog ears are usually in a state of drooping on the cheeks. The forelegs and hind legs are well proportioned to body height. Poodle dog has  multi-pigment skin . The skin color will often coincide with the coat color.

Poodle dogs have small, oval paws. The thighs and buttocks are muscular, quite beautiful. The buttocks are round, not drooping, the tail is always in an upright state, pointing upwards. The Poodle dog moves quite gently and elegantly, feeling like it is always bobbing in every step.

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