Dai Nam cargo handling service process 2020

cargo handling service

Dich vu boc xep hang hoa Dai Nam shop with human resources for loading and unloading of good health goods, enthusiasm, high experience, full and modern machinery and equipment together with fast and professional loading and unloading process Credit and quality, best price, cheapest service in Ho Chi Minh City. We always want to aim for a title of perfect service to satisfy all customers.

Loading or unloading goods in bulk is not easy, the work requires a large number of performers and specialized support equipment. Therefore, not all businesses or companies that need loading and unloading goods can do it, most of them need a utility service which is the cargo handling service.

The growing economy has led to the types of support services such as transportation, loading and unloading of goods … to meet all the needs of users. The reason for the strong growth of these services is that the job requires a large number of labor changes to handle and further transport the process, which is highly risky because there is no specialized equipment to recover. case of loading and unloading, moving large goods with specific characteristics …

The above means that there is a need for a service provider of loading and unloading goods, fast, professional and quality to complete the schedule early, save costs, time, ensure safety for goods are not afraid of collapse or loss.

Therefore, they need professional service providers to handle and unload goods, so as not to slow down the work, save time and money to ensure the safety of goods and avoid dumping. broken, lost …

Dai Nam cargo handling service is fast – professional – quality

Currently in Ho Chi Minh City there are many facilities that provide this service, but that does not mean that each facility meets the full quality criteria. So how to choose a reputable establishment? Dai Nam Dich vu boc xep is proud to be one of the most prestigious service providers in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • We have many years of experience in the field of loading, unloading, dismantling, transportation … successfully executing many large and small contracts throughout the capital.
  • Serious, professional, quick working style
  • Full range of advanced machines to assist in the job in the best way
  • The workforce is crowded, good health, enthusiastic with long experience in loading and unloading goods capable of using well all kinds of equipment and machinery serving the job such as: cranes, tractors, lifting head …
  • We promise goods will be loaded and unloaded at the agreed time
  • In the process of implementation, if there is a break or loss we will compensate 100% of the value of goods at the present time.
  • We support customers 24/7 / anytime, anywhere on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Our prices and costs are the most competitive in the market

Dai Nam cargo handling service process

We carry out the service in an advanced process, the steps are very scientific.

After receiving the service request from the customer, we will follow these steps:

  • Survey, location, type of goods, volume of goods, … then proceed to quote. The factors to quote include: distance of transport, volume and type of goods, travel or easy … separately for large, bulky goods, especially staff will advise the optimal way best for customers.
  • The customer agrees that the fee will proceed to make a contract and confirm the use of the service.
  • Starting the process of loading and unloading, before loading and unloading goods will be carefully classified and packed
  • Bep xep and move to the location as required, to optimize, depending on each type of goods will use loading and unloading personnel or use machinery and equipment to perform
  • When the work is done, our customers and customers will proceed to accept and liquidate the contract

Dai Nam stacking service packages

  • Loading and unloading of seafood and agricultural products
  • Loading and unloading goods are technological equipment, supermarket goods.
  • Loading and unloading goods are construction materials
  • Loading and unloading goods in warehouses and workshops
  • Loading and unloading goods are production materials
  • Boc xep hang hang hoa for guests at the airport, port.

Above is some information about Dai Nam cargo handling service. If customers need, please contact us at hotline:  0938 955 329  for advice and receive our best service packages.

24/7 service, all details please contact:

Hotline: 0938 955 329